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Grievance procedure

What automatically qualifies as a grievance (subject to review by VCU Human Resources)

  • Dismissal involving performance and/or discipline
  • Suspension involving performance and/or discipline
  • Demotion involving performance and/or discipline

What may qualify as a grievance (subject to review by VCU Human Resources)

  • Verbal or written warning and imposed probation involving discipline
  • Complaints about management actions or omissions
  • Discriminatory, harassing or retaliatory behavior by management

What does not qualify as a grievance

  • Complaints not pursued in a timely manner (more than 30 days from the date the employee learns about the action that is the subject of the complaint)
  • Termination of restricted positions consistent with the terms of the position. (Examples would include grant funded positions, those individuals hired for a specific timeframe and/or limited projects
  • Termination of employment during probationary period
  • Voluntary resignation
  • Performance management issues, including performance reviews (disagreement on the results of annual evaluations)
  • Actions resulting in a change of Job duties  
  • Position reclassifications, reassignment and transfer with no change in salary (Complaints about equity in reclassification, reassignments and/or transfer are not subject to the grievance procedure but may be filed with VCU Equity and Access Services
  • Elimination of position through workforce reduction, restructuring or loss of funding  (Complaints about workforce reduction, restructuring or loss of funding are not subject to the grievance procedure but may be filed with VCU Equity and Access Services)  
  • Verbal or written warnings and imposed probation not involving discipline
  • Issues where the outcome sought is outside the authority of the university administration
  • Matters being adjudicated through another university, state or federal process
  • Complaints made with malice or ill-intent, which are without merit, or made to harass or otherwise impede the efficient operation of the university
  • Complaints about management actions/omissions that are the subject of another grievance

Allegations of unlawful discrimination or unlawful harassment are not subject to the grievance procedure. If an employee believes that he/she/they have been discriminated against or harassed unlawfully in the workplace, they should be directed to VCU Equity and Access Services. The VCU Equity and Access Services office is responsible for investigating claims of discrimination and harassment, including violations of Title IX and the Civil Rights Act. Employee concerns that involve the following should be referred to the VCU Equity and Access Services:

  • Salary equity concerns;
  • Position reclassifications, job transfers and/ or reassignments that have equity questions;
  • Workforce reduction issues that involve equity questions; or
  • Issues or questions involving the application of fairness and equity of laws, policies or institution practice

Contact the VCU Equity and Access Services for specific guidance and instructions these issues. 

How does an employee file a grievance?

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