Internal Medicine Education

Educational programs & opportunities

Educational Programs & Opportunities

The VCU Department of Internal Medicine is committed to the training and education of the physicians and health care professionals of tomorrow, the physicians and health care professionals of today and the community-at-large.  At VCU, trainees benefit from world-class resources and will gain clinical and procedureal experience under the guidance of nationally recognized faculty that have received local, regional, national and international recognition for excellence in clinical practice, research and education.

Medical Ground Rounds

The VCU Department of Internal Medicine hosts Medical Grand Round series that features VCU affiliated speakers as well as other nationally recognized speakers in today's medicine to lecture on clinically relevant issues.  MGRs are hosted at noon on Thursdays.Learn more


Verification of Training

The Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Internal Medicine Office of Educational Affairs provides official verification of successful completion of training to any past graduate of an Internal Medicine program (internship, residency, or fellowship) and to a credentialing body using our standard verification letter and/or your institutional form.  To obtain a verification of training, click here.

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