M3 Clerkship

M3 Clerkship

Welcome to the Internal Medicine Clerkship.  The clerkship consists of an intensive two-month experience on the medical team at VCU Medical Center and Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center. This clerkship is augmented by weekly conferences and scheduled departmental lectures and rounds.

We have made every effort to provide an environment in which your own skill-directed learning can be maximized.

Welcome from the M3 Clerkship Director

M3 Clerkship Director's Welcome [View Image]

Welcome from the M3 Clerkship Director

Welcome to the Internal Medicine M3 Core Clerkship! We are looking forward to spending the next eight weeks getting to know you and your interests.  Whether you’re destined for Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, or Pathology, the Internal Medicine clerkship will provide you with a solid foundation in clinical reasoning, the pathophysiology of common adult diseases, and important lessons in professionalism as you continue your progress toward graduation and residency.

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VCUHS M3 Medicine Clerkship Director

Phoebe Ashley, MD
Box 980036
Phone: (804) 828-9726
Fax: (804) 740-1100
Email: phoebe.ashley@vcuhealth.org

VAMC M3 Medicine Clerkship Director

Rabia Qaiser, MD
Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center
Medical Services (4C-103)
1201 East Broad Rock Road
Richmond, Virginia 23249
Phone: (804) 675-5000, ext. 6419
Pager: (804) 351-0100
Email: rabia.qaiser@va.gov

VCUHS M3 Medicine Clerkship Associate Director

Nathaniel Warner, MD
Office: VMI Building, room 205c
Phone: (804) 828-5724
Cell: (757) 404-5295
Email: nathaniel.warner@vcuhealth.org

M3 Medicine Clerkship Administrators

Thomas Bryan
West Hospital, Sixth Floor, East Wing, Room 208
Phone: (804) 628-0247
Fax: (804) 828-4926
Email: thomas.bryan@vcuhealth.org

Gilda R. Harris-Howard
West Hospital, Sixth Floor, East Wing, Room 208
Phone: (804) 628-3260
Fax: (804) 828-4926
Email: gilda.harrishoward@vcuhealth.org

Stephen Freeby
Clinical Coordinator, VAMC
Phone: 804-675-5832
Email: stephen.freeby@va.gov

Chief Resident On Call

Pager: 1709
Phone: (804) 828-5163

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