Training Overview: Scholarship

Training Overview: Scholarship

scholarship image [View Image]Our residents are encouraged take seriously their commitment of contributions to the science and science of education in medicine. We recognize that all residents enter with different experience with research – our program takes provide in ensuring that all of residents have the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to engage in research and scholarship during residency and beyond. During intern year, all interns participate in a scholarship seminar in fundamental skills including but not limited to – developing clinical questions, performing literature searches, scholarly writing, and finding mentors. At the start of second year, all residents participates in a formal course designed to introduce them to key concepts in and resources for research. Each resident designs a study, identifies a mentor, and is allowed 1-2 rotations for research activities. Residents are encouraged to contribute in ways that are meaningful to them as individuals, which may mean clinical, translational or basic science research projects, but may also mean curriculum development, review papers, medical education research, essay writing and more. 

A resident scholarship fund is available to support residents in presenting their work regionally, nationally and internationally. See accomplishments for a list of recent presentations.


scholarship graphic [View Image]

scholarship graphic [View Image]


We pride ourselves on identifying opportunities for research early in a resident’s career. See the recent scholarly booklet to view all of our resident’s research accomplishments.

Research for Resident Course

The series is conducted as a modified team-based learning (TBL) course and is integrated into the existing conference time during July and August for PGY2 residents. Each class begins with a mini lecture on a topic, followed by group work focused on developing each trainee’s Capstone Project.


  • Textbook: Designing Clinical Research, 4th Edition, by Stephen Hulley, Steven Cummings, Warren Browner, Debroah Grady, Thomas Newman (purchased by residency/fellowship program or attendee)
  • Completion of CITI training (basic plus 1 additional module)
  • A final Capstone Project

Topics Covered:

  • Choosing a Topic and Literature Search Strategies
  • Framing a Research Question
  • Study Design
  • Biostatistics
  • Research Integrity
  • The Institutional Review Board Process
  • Biomedical Informatics Resources
  • Managing Large Datasets
  • Survey Design


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