Conference Presentations:

AIR 2014:

VCU Second - Year Retention Bahavior

Research Questions:

  • What factors are most important in determining whether a first-time student is retained after their second year?
  • Are these factors different for students who are receiving financial aid?
  • Where do these not-retained students go?



NSSR 2016:

Predicting Six - Year Graduation

Why This Study?

  • VCU six‐year graduation rate is 62%, there is a desire for improvement.
  • Enhancing six‐year graduation rate lines up with VCU’s commitment to student success.
  • Higher graduation rates.



SAS Global Forum 2016:

Macro Variables in SAS Enterprise Guide

How to bring macro variables and their values from the server to the local workspace and vice versa?


Using Procedure Tabulate and Lag(n) Function for Rates Changes


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