SAIR 2016:

University Scientific Performance

Why this study?

  • Besides student retention and graduation, faculty’s research activities has been drawing more and more attention from University administrators and Federal and State Agencies;
  • Ties directly to VCU’s mission and strategic plan (Questor Distinction 2011‐2017): a premier urban, public research university distinguished by its commitment to student success and research/knowledge discovery.



Predicting Failure/success % of Students Enrolling in a Bottleneck Course

Why this study?

  • Bottleneck courses: courses with high enrollment and high percentage of students receiving D/F/W final grades;
  • They have been a common problem nationwide and can have consequences for both institutions and students;
  • Slower progress towards graduation and lower graduation rates adversely impacting overall performance of institutions and students;
  • Increased the cost of attendance for students and operational costs for institutions.

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