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iNaturalists contribute citizen science data in park system

June 10, 2015

On May 16, the public was invited to “Become an iNaturalist Photographer” in the James River Park System. iNaturalist is a website that is creating a “living record of life on Earth”, and relies on team members to post digital records such as photographs and sound files that document species in an area. Local naturalist Paul Bedell, along with VCU Rice Rivers Center’s Anne Wright, conducted the training session, which included both an introduction to iNaturalist and to our own James River Park System iNat project. Next, the group headed into the Park to photograph plants and animals; upon returning to Park Headquarters, participants learned how to prepare their images and post them to the website.

The participants are continuing to deliver many observations to the Park project, and their observations are recorded here:

Another training session will be held on Saturday, August 8 from 9-12 at Park Headquarters. For more information, contact

Learn more on the iNaturalist website.

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