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Living-Learning Programs

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What are Living-Learning Programs and why should I join?

Joining a Living-Learning Program enables students to have an all-encompassing learning experience. Students can combine experiential learning opportunities with a vibrant residence life experience. Students join Living-Learning Programs in cohorts, and experience courses, service, and co-curricular activities together. The shared experiences of these students help to build a feeling of community and a sense of belonging and purpose at VCU. Students’ peers in a Living-Learning Program will become lifelong friends and help with professional networking as well. Furthermore, living-learning programs enable students, through coursework and co-curricular events, to develop skills and to gain knowledge in the specific theme of the living-learning community.

LLP Spirit Week Events

Rep Your LLP Day
All Day

Sport your LLP pride and wear your LLP gear!

LLP Showcase
Grace & Broad Residence Center I & II - LEAD and Innovate West Grace North - Globe West Grace South - ASPiRE

Come check out the living-learning programs at VCU. You'll get to tour the buildings, chat with students about their LLP experiences, and enjoy refreshments! If you visit each LLP you can be entered into a raffle for prizes. 

LLP's on the Compass
11-2 pm

Are you interested in joining a living-learning program, but not sure which one? Then come out to the Compass and check them all out at one convenient locaiton! You'll be able to meet with staff and students, ask questions, and have some snacks.

LLP Formal
7 - 10 p.m.
Grace and Broad II, room 1231

Open to current LLP students only. 

You're cordially invited to the Inaugural LLP Formal hosted by the four VCU Living-Learning Programs! The event will take place on Friday, March 24 from 7-10pm. Please RSVP for the formal as soon as possible - only invited guests who RSVP are allowed to attend. Light refreshments will be provided and formal attire is expected. We hope to see you there!

RSVP HERE:http://evite.me/kTh8vCnwn1


What is the best part about being part of a Living-Learning Community?

Isaiah Harvin [View Image]

Isaiah Harvin


Joining VCU Innovate was one of the best decisions I have made at VCU. The program has allowed me to personally and professionally develop my brand, my creativity and creative thinking, and problem solving abilities. Innovate offers hands on and non-traditional experiences that allow us to get to know work with others from different disciplines, generate ideas and network with peers and professionals. I really enjoy the fact that we are able to work with local non profits and other companies that all helps to build on our experience.

MarRay Bailey [View Image]

MarRay Bailey


Apply for LEAD because if your desire is to become a leader that fosters the ideals of the University, that allows you to work and live alongside a community of likeminded individuals, and provides opportunities for you to grow and prosper as a leader while also assisting with the city of Richmond as a whole, this is the program for you.

Laila Chaudhry [View Image]

Laila Chaudhry


The best part about living in a living-learning program is knowing that your roommates, floormates, and hallmates are all interested in the same things as you and have similar ideals. When you are in the elevator or in the common spaces with your neighbors, you know you have something in common with the people around you and it fosters a greater sense of connection and community.

Deja Spratley [View Image]

Deja Spratley


The best part of being a part of a living learning program for me is  the strong community and the strong relationships that I can build with not just my community but with the staff. It is really convenient that they are all located right in the building where I live. I feel so close to everyone, and I feel that they are constantly reaching out to us to take on amazing opportunities. They know which opportunity each person might be interested in because they take the time to know us that well! It is more than a family, it is a network of faculty that I can count on when I move on the next few steps in my life.

Sierra Semel [View Image]

Sierra Semel


Innovate has been a truly amazing experience for me. It has allowed me to collaborate on a daily basis with students from all different backgrounds, all of whom are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. Additionally, Innovate has provided me with connections, opportunities, and support I never would have had otherwise. I am so grateful to be a part of such a welcoming and supportive community.

Sarah Kilmon [View Image]

Sarah Kilmon


Often times, I don’t think that people spend enough time on self-reflection.  Reflection allows us to grow as individuals and capitalize on the experiences we go through.  LEAD allows you to take the necessary time to think about what defines you.

Alima Wall [View Image]

Alima Wall


Globe has been a phenomenal experience! It's exposed me to many different cultures and perspectives, it has opened the door to exciting business opportunities that promote cultural competency within the workplace and affords students the opportunity to travel internationally to build on these experiences. Perhaps best of all, the program has forced me to get comfortable with being uncomfortable! To embrace new experiences, perspectives and cultures. In the process, I've grown in ways I couldn't have before imagined and am eager to pay it forward.

Jamie Wood [View Image]

Jaime Wood


ASPiRE is a lifestyle. We choose to wake up in the morning and create change. We wake up wanting to make the lives of others better. We wake up wanting to better the world. ASPiRE has been one of the best decisions that I have made at VCU. I have learned more about VCU, Richmond, and myself than I would have if I didn't have ASPiRE.

Olivia Beech [View Image]

Olivia Beech


What I enjoy most about living in and being active in the Globe program is the fact that I'm surrounded by so many internationally-dynamic elements of culture, which acts a bridge into all kinds of human-to-human experiences. And it all happens in the same place where I live. I enjoy the classes because they provide a foundation for bigger discussions on intellectual topics, and it's wonderful to ultimately be working towards improving an area of my life that requires a global context. Overall, Living Learning Communities almost surround you with options and opportunities, all while giving you the chance to choose what you want to pursue.

Patrick Francois Godette [View Image]

Patrick Godette


The best part of being in a living-learning community is that I am able to experience more out of a university and the community we reside in. VCU is a huge campus with lots of organizations you can be wrapped up in due to general body meetings and the occasional events. In a living-learning community, there really isn't a such thing as a general body meeting. We're living WITH those students and learning from each other day-to-day. We can also share our past experiences while also creating new ones with people you wouldn't have normally been able to meet due to your major or just your schedule. It's a very humbling experience to be a part of and I believe that it enriched my time here at VCU, Richmond, and the world!


35 W. Grace St.
Box 842538
Richmond, VA 23284-3062

(804) 827-1759


830 W. Grace St.
Box 842540
Richmond, VA 23284-3043

(804) 828-7860


1000 W. Grace St.
Box 842548
Richmond, VA 23284

(804) 827-LEAD


1010 W. Grace Street
Box 842546
Richmond, VA 23284-3062

(804) 827-1859

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