Congratulations, Graduates! 

It gives the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics great pleasure to present our candidates for all bachelor degrees for summer and fall 2020. These students have fulfilled all requirements and are recommended by our faculty.

We Celebrate You!

  • Madhumitha Balasekaran
  • Adriana M. Carioti
  • Deja L. Celestine
  • Michelle C. Chabot
  • Hilmara L. Donde
  • Richard R. Foster
  • Abel Green
  • Huiqi Huang
  • Jalen C. Jordan
  • Seungseop Kim
  • Keith R Kritfield
  • Shaina W. Lapolla
  • Garrett Lewis
  • Andriy Y. Mulyar
  • Samantha Nodes
  • Zachary A. Poole
  • Schermaly Raymond
  • Alejandra M. Roman
  • Kyle Schlue
  • William T. Strasser
  • Yeerpan Yakefujiang

graduation mortarboards being tossed in the air [View Image]

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