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Current Students

Zachary Acosta-Lewis 
B.A. in English, Virginia Commonwealth University 
M.A. in English, Virginia Commonwealth University
Dissertation director: David Golumbia, Department of English
Dissertation title: "Unsound Processes and Sonic Nonidentity"

Yahya Alzahrany 
B.A. in journalism, King Saud University 
M.A. in mass communication, Murray State University

Saleh Bin Khulayf 
B.A. in mass communication, King Saud University 
M.A. in communication arts, New York Institute of Technology

Nicholas Brown 
B.A. in English and psychology, Randolph Macon College 
M.A. in English, Virginia Commonwealth University

KáLyn Coghill 
B.A. in linguistics and creative writing poetry, Old Dominion University
M.A. in organizational communications, Bowie State University
Professional website:

Elizabeth Collins
B.A. in humanities, Pepperdine University
M.A. in interdisciplinary humanities, University of West Florida
Dissertation director: Katherine Nash, Department of English

Robert Crocker 
B.S. in mass communication, Virginia Commonwealth University 
B.A. in English, Virginia Commonwealth University 
M.A. in digital media/communications, Rutgers University

Allison Bennett Dyche
B.S. in journalism, Georgia Southern University
M.A. in documentary photography, Savannah College of Art and Design
M.F.A. in writing, Savannah College of Art and Design
Dissertation director: Mary Caton Lingold,Department of English
Dissertation title: "Teach Me How to Podcast: A Pedagogical Examination of Audio Production Across Disciplines"
Professional website:

Clayton Harper 
B.F.A. in English, Principia College 
M.F.A. in arts, technology, and emerging communication, University of Texas at Dallas
Dissertation director: Jennifer Rhee, Department of English

Christopher Irving 
B.F.A. in art education,Virginia Commonwealth University 
M.A. in comparative literature, CUNY Brooklyn College
Professional websites:

Francis Longaker 
B.A. in history and music, Lynchburg College 
M.A.L.S. in humanities, Hollins University 
Diploma in business administration/management, National College
Dissertation director: David Golumbia, Department of English
Dissertation title: "Myth and the Sublime in Video Games"

Connor McCormick 
B.A. in History, Virginia Commonwealth University 
M.A. in English, Virginia Commonwealth University
Dissertation director: David Golumbia, Department of English
Dissertation title: "Electric Memory: The Politics of Chris Marker’s Cinematic Subjectivity"

Latyrce Noel 
B.S. in marketing, Virginia State University 
M.A. in media management and public relations, Virginia State University 

Megan Ratliff 
B.H.A. in anthropology and art, Carnegie Mellon University 
M. ScRes in interdisciplinary creative processes, University of Edinburgh (UK)
Dissertation director: Eric Garberson, Department of Art History
Dissertation title: "Titties & Goo: Diffractive Materialities, Agential Processes, & the Enduring Bodies of the Photographic Archive"
Professional website:

Entesar Albarakati
B.A. in media with a specialization in public relations, Umm Al-Qura University, KSA
M.A. in in sciences and public relations, Quinnipiac University

Maha Alshareef  
B.A. in journalism, Umm Al-Qura University
M.A. in journalism, Arkansas State University

Mohammed Alsulami 
B.A. in tv, radio, and film, Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University 
M.A. in broadcast and cinematic arts, Central Michigan University

Abrar Banasser 
B.A. in journalism,  King Abdulaziz Univesity
M.A. in public relations, Rowan University

Alexis Finc 
B.A. women and gender studies and English, Rutgers University 
M.F.A. in creative writing - poetry, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Rain Johnson 
B.A. in east asian studies, Randolph-Macon College 
M.A. in east asian studies, University of Virginia

Andrew Massa
B.A. in theatre arts, film studies, LeMoyne College
M.A. in mass communications: media production, Norfolk State University
Professional website:

Joshua J. Smith 
B.A. in public relations, Virginia Commonwealth University 
M.A. in public relations, Virginia Commonwealth University

Hope Ward 
B.F.A. in theater, Randolph Macon University 
M.F.A. in theater, Columbia University

Saad Albaqami
B.A. in communication studies, Al-Imam Muhammad Saud Islamic University
M.A. in communication studies/public relations, Texas Tech University

Patrick Duane 
B.A. in English, Northeastern University 
M.A. in English, Northeastern University
M.F.A. in creative writing, University of Florida

Ramin Fazeli 
B.A. in mechanical engineering, Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University
M.A. in cinematic arts, Tehran University of Art

Dylan Lackey 
B.A. in women's studies, University of Virginia
M.A. in philosophy, Global Centre for Advanced Studies

Janelle Marshall 
B.A.  in communication studies, Westmont College
M.S. in journalism, Roosevelt University

Kristen Stewart 
B.F.A. in fashion design, Virginia Commonwealth University
M.A. in fashion and textile studies, Fashion Institute of Technology

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