The 48-month Med-Peds program at VCU leads to board eligibility in both specialties. Time is equally divided between the departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.  

Residents switch between the two disciplines approximately every four months. Over four years, they will assume increased responsibilities with the ultimate goal of independent practice. The curriculum is built in 16-month consecutive blocks called the “learner,” “manager” and “leader” stages.  (The manager stage is highlighted in gold below.)

The curriculum is modeled on a unique tandem block (A/B) schedule that alternates inpatient and outpatient/elective rotations every two weeks.  This allows residents to fully immerse in the clinical experience while maximizing work-life balance.  The tandem schedule not only reduces burn-out and fatigue, but it also provides elective time so residents can pursue areas of interest by tailoring their rotations to their individual career and academic goals.

Rotations are designed to provide a strong clinical skills base in both inpatient and ambulatory settings.

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