Collaborators and Initiatives

The School of Medicine is one of many VCU institutions examining its history and creating a more promising future.

Division for Health Sciences Diversity .
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Division for Health Sciences Diversity

The VCU Division for Health Sciences Diversity aims to diversify the health care workforce through an array of pipeline programs for underrepresented minority students pursuing health sciences careers. The programs provide academic, social and professional resources for middle school, high school and college students.

Inclusive Excellence Education .
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Inclusive Excellence Education

Implemented by the VCU Division for Inclusive Excellence, the Inclusive Excellence (IExcel) Education is a series of educational programs that aim to cultivate a diverse, equitable, inclusive and supportive university environment. Courses are available to VCU students, faculty and staff across all schools and departments.

East Marshall Street Well Project .
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East Marshall Street Well Project

The 1994 construction of the Kontos building revealed a well containing 19th century human remains and artifacts, mainly of African descent, believed to be discarded by medical staff. The East Marshall Street Well Project aims to facilitate the appropriate study, memorialization and reburial of the remains.

Massey Cancer Center Office of Health Equity and Disparities Research.
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Massey Cancer Center Office of Health Equity and Disparities Research

Massey Cancer Center established the Office of Health Equity and Disparities Research to facilitate transdisciplinary research collaborations focused on understanding and reducing differences in cancer outcomes. The office aims to address cancer disparities through research, education and training.

Health Hub at 25th.
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Health Hub at 25th

Launched in 2019, the Health Hub at 25th is a community health education and wellness activity center located in Richmond’s East End. Free programming delivered by VCU faculty, staff and students includes chronic disease prevention education, behavioral health services and wellness activities.

Pathways to Health Care Workforce.
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Pathways to Health Care Workforce

The VCU Pathways to Health Care Workforce aims to make employment in health care fields accessible to young adults (ages 17-26). The program provides training and career exploration for participants, with opportunities to become full-time employees and pursue postsecondary education.

VCU Division for Inclusive Excellence.
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VCU Division for Inclusive Excellence

Established in 2013 and reorganized in 2019, the Division for Inclusive Excellence reflects VCU’s commitment to building a diverse and inclusive for all students, faculty and staff. The division is responsible for implementing diversity initiatives, with programs and events including workshops, presentations and courses.

VCU Center on Health Disparities.
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VCU Center on Health Disparities

In response to emerging evidence of barriers to equitable health care, the VCU Board of Visitors established the Center on Health Disparities in 2005. The center’s mission is to develop the capacity of students, faculty, staff and community partners to identify the causes of health disparities and develop interventions.

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