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Master's Program

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PhD Programs

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Combined / Dual Degree Opportunities

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Certificate Opportunities

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Educational Opportunities

The VCU School of Medicine is committed to training the clinicians, scientists and scholars of tomorrow. More than 1000 students from around the world come to the VCU School of Medicine to pursue medical and graduate degrees as well as specialized certificate training. Additionally, many students enroll in our Combined/Dual Degree programs, thereby enhancing skills in complementary areas.

VCU medical, graduate and certificate students train under the guidance of our faculty which collectively represents more than 200 specialty areas in medicine and has have received local, regional, national and international recognition for excellence in clinical practice, biomedical research and education.

Begin your learning journey at VCU School of Medicine.

Institutes & Centers

Medical and graduate trainees can become associated with a wide range of centers and institutes

These centers and institutes include the Massey Cancer Center (an NCI-designated entity), the VCU Alcohol Research Center (supported by NIAAA), the Institute for Drug and Alcohol Studies, the Institute for Structural Biology and Drug Design, the Molecular Imaging Center, the VCU Institute of Molecular Medicine, the Pauley Heart Center, and the Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics.

Please visit the VCU Office of Research and Innovation website for a complete listing of Centers and Institutes at VCU.VCU Office of Research and Innovation

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