RVA: Our campus, our classroom, our home

As an urban academic medical center, the VCU School of Medicine rests in the heart of Richmond, Virginia (RVA to those who live here). We pride ourselves on being active members of our community, with a commitment to engaging and investing in Richmond as learners, researchers, healers and citizens.

So, what does our city have to offer that you won’t find anywhere else? Here’s what current residents and students have to say about learning, training and living in Richmond.

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What Others Are Saying

Our dynamic city has made headlines and accrued accolades in recent years, drawing people from all over to experience the award-winning restaurants, thriving arts scene, one-of-a-kind cultural events and the majestic James River.

Getaway to Richmond, Virginia

With its world-class culinary scene and proximity to the James River, there's something for everyone in RVA.Original YouTube video

Getaway to Richmond, Virginia [View Image]
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RVA in the News

History and Activism in RVA

For decades, robust discussions about racial and social justice in Richmond have centered on the iconic and divisive Monument Avenue, a main residential thoroughfare displaying towering statues of Confederate veterans from Virginia. City officials, historians, activists, residents and visitors have engaged in heated debates around one central question: Should the monuments stay or go?

During the summer of 2020, the avenue became the epicenter of protests against police brutality and racial injustice, and underwent a significant transformation.

Neighborhoods of RVA

A true patchwork of a city, RVA is comprised of dozens of diverse, distinctive neighborhoods, each with its own culture, character and history.Visit the Neighborhoods of RVA

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