Quest for Distinction


Six Year Graduation
  (Fall 2012 Cohort)

Percentage of first-time, full-time freshmen who graduate within 6 years

First Year Retention
  (Fall 2017 Cohort)

Percentage of first-time, full-time freshmen who enroll in the following fall

High School GPA
  (Fall 2018)

Mean of High School GPA for first-time, full-time freshmen who started in a fall semester

% Underrepresented Minority Enrollment
  (Fall 2018)

Percentage of all enrolled students self-reporting as Underrepresented Minority.

Baccalaureate Degrees Awarded
  (AY 17-18)

The number of baccalaureate degrees awarded in a given academic year

Doctoral Degrees Awarded
  (AY 17-18)

The number of doctoral degrees awarded in any discipline in a given academic year

Full-time Faculty
  (Fall 2018)

Full-time employees holding faculty appointments

% Underrepresented Minority Full-time Faculty
  (Fall 2018)

Percentage of full-time faculty self-reporting as Underrepresented Minority.

Faculty Awards
  (AY 17-18)

Number of faculty receiving national or international awards

Total Sponsored Awards
  (FY '18)

Funds obligated by an agency or organization for a particular project

Postdoctoral Appointees
  (AY 17-18)

Number of post-doctoral science and engineering students

National Academy Members
  (AY 17-18)

Number of faculty members who belong to any four national academies

Service-Learning Enrollment
  (AY 17-18)

Number of students enrolled in courses with service learning components

  (FY 16-17)

Number of new inventions submitted to AUTM

New Gifts and Pledges
  (FY '18)

Total new pledges and gifts made in a fiscal year

Total Endowment
  (FY '18)

Total endowments held on behalf of VCU in a fiscal year

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