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The Center for Molecular Imaging at the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center is a newly established center for multi-modality molecular imaging and molecular nanotechnology research. Interdisciplinary preclinical and clinical translational research is a focus of the center’s activities in oncology, neuroscience and other medical specialties.

The center is equipped with laboratories for radiochemistry, analytical chemistry, molecular biology, nanotechnology and animal imaging, as well as a dedicated facility for translational clinical imaging. Imaging technologies within the center include Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (preclinical and clinical), Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography, optical imaging, autoradiography and multi-modality nanotechnology imaging. Molecular probe developments underpin the biological and biomedical research conducted using the above modalities.


  • MRI/MRS Preclinical Molecular Imaging
    Applications are invited for a post-doctoral position in MRI/MRS Preclinical Molecular Imaging, at the Center for Molecular Imaging (CMI). We are looking for dynamic individuals interested in frontier research in multi-modality molecular and nanotechnology imaging. The CMI is a comprehensive center for multi-modality molecular imaging and nanotechnology research, conducting research across multidisciplinary areas in chemistry, physics, biology, and pharmacology as they apply to targeting and imaging. The center is concerned with imaging science research, including multi-modal probe developments in PET, SPECT, MRI/MRS and optical imaging with emphasis on multi-modal probes for cancer imaging and therapeutics. The center is equipped with a 7T, 30cm freebore magnet (BioSpec, Bruker BioSpin), PET/SPECT/CT tri-modal scanner (Inveon, Siemens), Multi Spectral in vivo Optical Imaging system (Maestro, CRI), and a Fluorescence Molecular Tomography system (FMT2500, Perkin Elmer). Laboratories for Radiochemistry, Nanotechnology, and Molecular Biology are also part of the Center’s infrastructure. The Center also has access to PET-trace Cyclotron (GE Healthcare). Ongoing projects include multi-modal nanoparticles probe development, apoptosis, angiogenesis, drug delivery platforms, drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics imaging, immune cell therapy imaging, and imaging in radiotherapy and radiobiology.

    A Ph.D. in Life Sciences, Engineering, pharmaceutical Science, Materials Science or related area is required. Experience with Preclinical MRI/MRS Imaging is essential. Experience with ParaVision (Bruker software) programming and operation is preferred. Knowledge of MR scanner hardware, operation and programming is a plus. The applicant is expected to work in a multidisciplinary team and be involved in CMI collaborative research. Duties will include research with the 7T/30 animal MRI/MRS system, its maintenance, pulse sequence development, and to perform preclinical experiments with members and collaborators of CMI.

    Qualified candidates should submit a CV, and contact information for at least three references to

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