About us

The Center for Molecular Imaging is one of the VCU School of Medicine Research Centers. It is established to foster and facilitate multidisciplinary molecular imaging and nanotechnology research using advanced imaging technologies. Together, such technologies provide real-time in vivo information, complimented with and validated by ex vivo data and molecular biology analysis on cells and tissue samples including tumors. The overall objective is to study, within the intact physiological and pathophysiological environment, biological pathways and interactions involved in disease progression, such as tumorgenesis, and therapeutic interventions.  


The CMI mission is to lead and foster interdisciplinary and inter-collaborative molecular and nanotechnology imaging program at the VCU Medical Center. The emphasis is on multi-modality approaches to study, biology, biochemistry and pharmacology in vivo. Through these efforts, CMI provides a hub for collaborative research with basic and clinical scientists at VCU and beyond.

Faculty and staff

Jamal Zweit, PhD, DSc - Professor of Radiology and affiliate Professor of Biochemistry &Molecular Biology, Radiation Oncology and Molecular Pathology. Dr. Zweit has established CMI in 2008/2009 and has been the director since. Dr. Zweit is internationally recognized for his work in molecular imaging and molecular nanotechnology in cancer biology and therapeutics. His research interests include the development of hybrid molecular imaging and nanotechnology platforms to study cancer progression, diagnostics and the working of therapeutics. A major focus of his research is the integration of multi-modality molecular imaging technologies with nanoparticle-based hybrid probes and the development of endogenous molecular imaging to study tumorgenesis and cancer progression.

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