Welcome to the Center for Molecular Imaging (CMI) at the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center.

Molecular imaging and nanotechnology are playing a crucial role in the rational studying of disease biology and the working of therapies. In the era of Molecular Medicine, this powerful combination is poised to revolutionize Personalized Medicine. The rapid advances in molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, nanotechnology, coupled with novel nano-chemistry and bioengineering technologies, are the fuel behind the expanding field of Molecular and Nanotechnology Imaging.


The CMI is concerned with multidisciplinary molecular imaging and nanotechnology research using novel approaches in chemistries and multi-modality imaging technologies. The research involves the development of: i) targeted tracers/ probes, and ii) multi-modality imaging strategies to study biological and biochemical pathways in vivo and within the intact environment. The center exploits its imaging science developments and conducts collaborative research with a number of VCU and external investigators, including fostering and facilitating clinical translational imaging research.  


The center has laboratories for radiochemistry, nano-chemistry and nanotechnology, molecular biology, multi-modalilty animal and tissue imaging. Imaging technologies within the center include preclinical PET/SPECT/CT, optical and MRI/MRS live imaging systems as well as micro-autoradiography for ex vivo imaging.


The CMI is part of the VCU School of Medicine and administratively is part of the Department of Radiology. The center laboratories are located in the Gateway Building (basement) and in Sanger Hall (Basement B3 and Ninth Floor).

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