The Center for Molecular Imaging fosters collaborative research, bringing together the advances being made in technology-driven research — such as bioengineering, chemical genomics and nanotechnology — with biomedical research groups studying cell and molecular biology and radiobiology, biologically targeted therapeutics, immuno-based mechanisms, and drug and biomarker discovery.

This vision is summarized in the diagram below. The aim is to develop and validate multi-modality molecular imaging tools that will facilitate the advancement of translational medicine and clinical science research in oncology and neuroscience as well as other clinical research areas.

Translational research

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Cell biology/molecular radiobiology/molecular therapeutics/
molecular pathology/ immunology/ drug and biomarker discovery

Multi-modal molecular imaging

Synthetic Chemistry
Material Science
Biomedical Physics

Photonic Technology
Structural Biology
Cell/Gene Technology

  • Radiochemistry
  • Conjugation Chemistry
  • Probe Development
  • Biological Modelling
  • Imaging Technology
  • Nanotechnology Imaging


Oncological clinical science/neuroscience clinical science/
radiation oncology clinical science/
cardiology and pulminary medicine clinical science/radiology clinical science

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Translational medicine

Collaborative departments

The center is engaged in partnerships with departments within VCU and external organizations, including the following:

VCU affiliations

External affiliations

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