The overall research program of CMI is concerned with the development and application of multi-modality molecular imaging strategies and methodologies to study biological and pharmacological processes associated with disease and therapeutic intervention respectively. In this context, the center emphasizes translational preclinical and clinical interdisciplinary and collaborative research. The translational research is underpinned by developments radiochemistry, nano-chemistry and nanotechnology, hybrid probes and multi-tracer imaging.

Program objectives

The objectives of the center’s program are to:

  • Build, enhance and strengthen molecular imaging research at VCU.
  • Foster collaborative research and establish interactive networks by using the center as a hub for interdisciplinary research.
  • Identify areas of collaborations and be proactive in initiating joint research with other groups both within VCU and externally.
  • Encourage and foster interactions and collaborations between basic science and clinical investigators to promote and enhance preclinical and clinical translational research.
  • Provide an environment for graduate students to pursue careers in interdisciplinary molecular imaging and translational medicine.
  • Furnish a hub of research activity in multi-modality molecular imaging and biological nanotechnology research and allow access to members of other research programs to the approaches and facilities offered by the center.

Scientific goals

The overall scientific goals of the research are to:

  • Understanding the mechanisms of delivery and retention kinetics of small and macromolecule molecular imaging probes.
  • Exploiting new targets to develop new multi-modal molecular imaging probes.
  • Studying the in vivo kinetics and end point effects of targeted biological and radiation therapies.
  • Developing new paradigms in multi-modality molecular imaging.
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