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The Center for Molecular Imaging emphasizes interdisciplinary collaborative research and one of our primary objectives is to make its resources accessible to other researchers at VCU and beyond.

Interested collaborators are encouraged to contact researchers at the center with ideas of joint research projects. Initial inquiries can be made by contacting Jamal Zweit, PhD, D.Sc. at 804-628-2791 or by email at If quotes for collaborations are required in gathering pilot data and sponsored research submissions please contact Dr. Zweit well in advance so the assessment of appropriate CMI resources can be determined. Once the assessment is complete a quote will be created signed by Dr. Zweit and the Associate Director for Business Operations in the SOM Dean’s Office of Research Administration. The quote can be used as part of the proposal submission package or another contractual arrangement for budgetary clarification.

For additional information, including a list of our current rates & fees please see: CMI Preclinical Recharge Rates.


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