60 years and counting into his VCU career, Jimmy Pollock knows the university as well as anyone

Pollock, one of the longest current serving employees at VCU, started working for the university in August 1960 as an electrical helper at the Medical College of Virginia.

Jimmy Pollock wearing a hard hat with a V C U logo on the front. [View Image] Jimmy Pollock has been working at VCU since August of 1960. “He knows where almost everything is located," a colleague said. (Kevin Morley, University Marketing)

After 60 years on the job, Jimmy Pollock knows almost every nook and cranny on Virginia Commonwealth University’s Monroe Park and MCV campuses.

“That’s what makes him unique,” said Wayne Newman, a renovations project inspector in Facilities Management. “He knows where almost everything is located. If I am ever looking for something, he knows exactly where it is because he’s been there before.”

A maintenance reserve inspector, Pollock is one of the longest current serving employees at VCU. He started working for the university in August 1960 as an electrical helper at the Medical College of Virginia. The then 17-year-old learned about the opening from his uncle, who was also employed at the hospital. Because of Pollock’s strong work ethic, he was running jobs after three years and in 10 years was “running the construction electrical shop with all the electricians under me,” he said.

After 30 years in the electrical shop, Pollock moved to construction and inspections and began inspections on large renovation jobs. He moved to the maintenance reserve office two years ago. 

“Now I inspect mostly mechanical and electrical work,” the 76-year-old said. “I like being out of the office and working with the contractors. I like all of the people I have met.” 

Pollock’s supervisor, Larry Walters, director of University Renovations, said he couldn’t ask for a more dedicated employee. 

“He will put in the time to get the work done,” Walters said. “He never gripes if he has to work over a weekend. He’s a hard worker and will do anything for you. He is the epitome of a good employee.”

Walters points to this March when Pollock was working in front of West Hospital with a couple of contractors and slipped and cut his head. He also injured his rotator cuff, which led to surgery.

“The day he was released by the doctor he was back at work on restricted duty without a second thought,” Walters said. “You don’t find people like Jimmy anymore.” 

Over the decades Pollock has worked for VCU, he has faced different challenges but enjoyed each and every one, he said.

“When I did all the big inspection jobs, I had to take all the drawings and go over all the work with everyone,” he said. “I still work with the drawings, but the jobs are not as big. I liked what I was doing, and that’s what kept me here.” 

Pollock was Randy Damron’s boss when Damron first came to the university in 1979. 

“He’s a great guy. He’s honest and dependable, a fair man,” said Damron, a network installer. “With Jimmy you knew what you were getting, and what you got is who he is.”

Pollock’s coworkers celebrated his 60th work anniversary with a card and cake. Walters, speaking of Pollock’s long career at VCU, said Pollock likely has forgotten more “than I will ever know.” 

“He has a knowledge of this campus that no one else has.”

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