VCU launches Great Place: HR Redesign website to showcase new human resources project

HR plan will create new opportunities for career development, market and merit-based pay and mentoring

Earlier this week, university leaders launched the Great Place: HR Redesign website, which will serve as a hub of news and information about a new human resources project being developed for staff members and administrative and professional faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University.

The project is a direct response to the findings from VCU’s Great Place Initiative, the 2013 research study that determined the need for more modern HR practices. The HR Redesign project will create opportunities for VCU staff to clearly map their career development within the university and align their everyday work with VCU’s strategic goals and vision. [View Image]

“As this new system takes effect over the next three years, our employees will find more opportunity for their own career,” said VCU President Michael Rao, Ph.D., who announced the project earlier this year. “And VCU will be better able to fulfill its mission as a premier, urban public research university by focusing on the success of people.”

The plan and website were explained in a mass mail to employees from Cathleen Burke, assistant vice president for human resources.

VCU has the autonomy to redesign its HR system under Virginia’s Restructured Higher Education Financial and Administrative Operations Act of 2005 (Restructuring Act), which provides public colleges and universities with more operational independence.

“Under the Restructuring Act, VCU will keep what we appreciate most about public employment (retirement, health benefits, due process, etc.) while making the improvements you asked for in the Great Place Initiative survey (career development, market and merit-based pay, promotional opportunities, etc.),” Burke wrote.

The new HR plan is on schedule to be offered starting January 2018 and university leaders are seeking employee input to help shape the plan. Representatives from across the university have been appointed to several committees to guide the development of the HR Redesign.

Burke called on employees to visit the Great Place: HR Redesign website to learn more about the plan, track the project’s progress, and offer input.

There is a “truth-o-meter” in the “rumor mill” section of the website where employees can submit a rumor they have heard to the HR Redesign team to confirm or clarify. Updates will also be available at Working@VCU on Facebook or Twitter.

“By working together, we can make VCU an even greater place – a place to do meaningful work and have thriving careers,” Burke wrote. “I pledge continued transparency throughout the development of this project and I welcome your ideas. As always, I appreciate your support and I look forward to sharing news about the HR Redesign project as it progresses.”


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