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University Public Affairs helps Virginia Commonwealth University communicate with the general public by working with news media regionally, nationally and internationally, and by providing other communications services.

We are a 24-hour operation. Members of the media should call or text (804) 418-0174 to reach an on-call public affairs staff member outside of regular business hours. On-call staff members can assist with emergency requests or assist reporters with an immediate deadline.

University Public Affairs

  • Grace Street Center
  • 912 West Grace Street
  • Box 842041
  • Richmond, Virginia 23284-2041
  • Phone: (804) 828-1231
  • Fax: (804) 828-2018
  • Email:


For media inquiries, contact one of the University Public Affairs staff members below. The news topics they are responsible for are included with their listing.

Michael R. Porter, APR [View Image]
  • Michael R. Porter, APR
  • Associate vice president for public affairs
  • Phone: (804) 828-7037
  • Center for Community Engagement and Impact, Division of Student Affairs, Division for Inclusive Excellence
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Esther Benenson [View Image]
  • Esther Benenson
  • News editor for VCU Health
  • Phone: (804) 827-0871
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Mary Kate Brogan [View Image]
  • Mary Kate Brogan
  • Public relations specialist
  • (804) 828-7701
  • College of Health Professions, School of Dentistry, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy
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Corey Byers [View Image]
  • Corey Byers
  • Senior public relations specialist
  • Phone: (804) 828-3907
  • VCU Police
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Jonsette Calloway [View Image]
  • Jonsette Calloway
  • Public relations specialist
  • Phone: (804) 828-4482
  • VCU Parking and Transportation
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Dedrain Davis [View Image]
  • Dedrain Davis
  • Public relations coordinator
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Tom Gresham [View Image]
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James Irwin [View Image]
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Brian McNeill [View Image]
  • Brian McNeill
  • Senior public relations specialist
  • Phone: (804) 827-0889
  • College of Humanities and Sciences, Department of Business Services, School of Social Work, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs, School of Education, VCU Libraries
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Laura Rossacher [View Image]
  • Laura Rossacher
  • Director for public affairs, VCU Health
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Leila Ugincius [View Image]
  • Leila Ugincius
  • Senior public relations specialist
  • Phone: (804) 828-2725
  • School of the Arts, School of Business, College of Engineering, Facilities Management, VCU Brandcenter, intern program
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Other public relations contacts

These staff members are responsible for public relations in specialized areas at VCU.

Additional University Public Affairs staff

Jennifer Carmean [View Image]
  • Jennifer Carmean
  • Director of communications for university initiatives
  • Phone: (804) 828-4645
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Pauline Clay [View Image]
  • Pauline Clay
  • Copy editor
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Elinor Frisa [View Image]
  • Elinor Frisa
  • VCU home page manager
  • Phone: (804) 827-2802
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Michele Howell [View Image]
  • Michele Howell
  • FOIA officer
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Pat Kane [View Image]
  • Pat Kane
  • Social media strategist
  • Phone: (804) 828-2217
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Jack Norton [View Image]
  • Jack Norton
  • TelegRAM editor/writer
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Saher Randhawa [View Image]
  • Saher Randhawa
  • Social media content strategist
  • Phone: (804) 827-9946
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Tristana Nesvig Trani [View Image]
  • Tristana Nesvig Trani
  • Director of social strategy and integration
  • Phone: (804) 828-3043
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