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Drawing of a person holding a phone with "COVID-19" displayed. Various symbols are displayed entering their head. [View Image]

Conspiracy theories are dividing us. How do we talk about them?

Social media groups are allowing people to form strong communities around shared beliefs — even if they aren’t true. To discuss this with loved ones requires a careful approach.

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Jimmy Pollock [View Image]

Faculty and staff recognized for longstanding and exceptional service at annual employee awards

Among those recognized were Jimmy Pollock, a maintenance reserve inspector who has worked at VCU since 1960.

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Chris Woleben standing in front of a group of students. [View Image]

Match Day matchmaker: How Chris Woleben helps VCU medical students find their first jobs as doctors

Medical schools nationally are looking to Woleben’s model to help graduating students find their ideal residency match.

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A dog lying on a couch with a knife. [View Image]

Reconstructing the crime scene

How do you transform a forensic science lab meant for in-person instruction into a successful virtual experience? With lots of creativity and a heavy dose of technology.

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Artwork depicting spheres consisting of automobiles. [View Image]

GM’s bold move could spark a major shift in the auto industry

The company’s pledge to eliminate gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles by 2035 has “upped the ante” for other manufacturers.

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Faculty and staff headlines

gloved hand fills a vaccine syringe [View Image]

Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause: What the rare blood clotting issue means

The link to the vaccine isn’t definite, and cases are rare, but caution is necessary to ensure patient safety.

person smoking an e-cigarette [View Image]

E-cigarettes with a cigarette-like level of nicotine are effective in reducing smoking and exposure to carcinogen, study finds

The study provides important information for smokers who may be trying to use e-cigarettes as a means to cut down on their smoking habit.

A sunset view over the James River. [View Image]

Virtual symposium co-hosted by VCU to shine national spotlight on Virginia’s waterways

Rescheduled from 2020, the River Management Society’s biennial event will celebrate the recovery and adaptive use of local and statewide rivers, streams and creeks.

Ed Grier [View Image]

Ed Grier, dean of the VCU School of Business, is leaving the university July 1

Under Grier, who came to VCU in 2010, the business school launched a new strategic plan, the International Consulting Program, the Master of Decision Analytics Professional Track and an online M.B.A.

Bernard Means with a 3D-printed ground sloth skull inside of a laboratory. [View Image]

Ice age mammals, beating cancer, and other topics to check out at TEDxVCU this year

The annual event will feature presentations that will inspire you — and one that might send you on a mission to find a mastodon fossil.

March 2020 to Jan 2021 Excess Deaths map: A 50-state analysis of excess deaths by a team of VCU researchers found Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Arizona, Alabama, Louisiana, South Dakota, New Mexico, North Dakota and Ohio had the highest rates of excess deaths during the last 10 months of 2020, among other findings. [View Image]

U.S. deaths normally change less than 2% each year. In 2020, they rose nearly 23%.

Black Americans experienced highest per capita excess death rates, while regional surges contributed to higher excess death rates from COVID-19 and other causes, a VCU-led JAMA study finds.

Vials of COVID-19 vaccine. [View Image]

Will the U.S. public support donating COVID-19 vaccines to low- and middle-income countries?

A new study led by VCU researchers surveyed 788 people. Among its findings: Older people were less likely to support donating vaccines, as were Republicans.

A person receiving a hypodermic needle shot. [View Image]

A VCU Wilder School institute is playing a key role in the state’s efforts to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine equitably

“If we have a relative rate of vaccination that’s aligned with our relative rate of infection and death, that’s a more equitable approach.”

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