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Registering for Open Minds

If you are interested in attending an Open Minds class, read the entry documents and rules carefully and contact the program for informational session dates. You may also inquire via email with the instructor of the course. There are at least two information sessions each semester and one over the summer. You must attend an information session before applying to the program.

To Apply

  1. Fill out the official forms from the Sheriff's Office and sign

  2. Print out the Open Minds Code of Ethics Statement and sign

  3. Write a two-page letter to the program outlining: why you want to part of Open Minds; any experience you have working with incarcerated persons or activism in general (previous experience is not required but we want to hear about it); and what you hope to gain from this experience. 

  4. Turn in this entire packet by the deadline for the semester you hope to attend.

You will be contacted within two weeks of the application deadline with registration information and orientation dates. You MUST attend orientation if you participate in Open Minds. 

Coming to class wanting to be anonymous and ordinary was out of the questions.

Ulysses Hatcher, RCJ Resident

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