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Globalization in Higher Education Series

Globalization in Higher Education Series

The International Education Studies Center, which is affiliated with the School of Education, is hosting the very first Globalization in Higher Education series. The goal of this series is to prepare U.S. university campuses and larger communities to support international students to ensure their success both academically and socially.

About the Series

Globalization is no longer a prediction but a fact. One essential ingredient embedded in globalization is exchange of talents through internationalized higher education. As the host of the largest share of international students globally, the United States receives more than one million international students each year.

Undoubtedly, the outbreak of COVID-19 has affected all international students due to the interruption of academic work, the disconnect with the community, the inability to travel back to their home countries, and restrictions of immigration policies, among many other social and cultural factors. While experts predict that when the pandemic ends, students who have deferred admission or application would want to come, universities in the U.S need to be prepared with adequate resources and support to help prospective international students succeed when they choose the U.S. as their destination for academic and/or professional pursuits. The goal of this series is to prepare U.S. university campuses and larger communities in supporting international students to ensure their success academically and socially.

Session Details

Update as of 9/24/21: This series has been postponed. It is anticipated that the series will be rescheduled with an anticipated start date of January 2022.

This 9-part series includes a personal/professional intercultural assessment, and microcredential after completion. Deadline to register is Friday, October 8th.

Cost: $500

All sessions are held on Wednesdays via ZOOM from 4:30 p.m. - 6:15 p.m. 


Date  Topic  Facilitator
09/29/21  Globalization on the university campus: Past, present, and tomorrow Facilitator  Dr. Yaoying Xu 
10/13/21 Being More Than One Thing, Finding More Than One Way - Exploring Power of Simple Interactions in Supporting International Students  Dr. Junlei Li 
11/10/21 Engagement of International Students  Dr. Yi-Lung Kuo 
12/8/21 Preparing the University Community to Support International Students Academically and Socially   Dr. Yali Zou 
01/12/22  Supporting International Students through Intercultural Experiences  Dr. Nancy Dickson 
02/9/22  Becoming International Scholars: Pathways to Effective Engagement and Support of International Students Dr. Zewelanji Serpell 
03/9/22  Supporting the Development of English Language Proficiency of International Students for Successful Academic and Social Adjustment  Dr. Moe Greene 
04/13/22   Access to Resources for Success: A Workshop for Faculty and Staff in Supporting International Students  Dr. Jeff Wilson 
05/11/22   Writing for Publication as Doctoral Students: Challenges, Opportunities, and Lessons Learned  Ms. Jia Gui and Dr. Luciana de Oliveria 


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Globalization in Higher Education Session Descriptions and Learning Outcomes

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