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Innovative Teacher Pipeline

Program Goals

The goal of the Innovative Teacher Pipeline is to prepare teachers to best support education excellence and equity, particularly for black and Lantin X schoolchildren.

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Innovative Teacher Pipeline

The Innovative Teacher Pipeline prepares teachers to best support educational excellence and equity, particularly for black and LatinX schoolchildren. After a rigorous applicant selection process, students receive professional learning opportunities focused on implicit bias and culturally responsive pedagogy and practice. Students also receive direct experience in working in urban and hard to staff schools while engaging in community-based learning experiences. Participation in the Innovative Teacher Pipeline requires students to engage in in-depth training through a critically reflective lens. The intentional focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion equips students to be better prepared to support educational equity. As a result, the pipeline strengthens student learning outcomes for Black and LatinX school children and increases the effectiveness of new teachers in hard to staff schools. Student participants receive a $1,000 stipend per year.

Unique features of the Innovative Teacher Pipeline:

  • Direct experience in working in urban and hard to staff schools (Substitute Teaching the VCU Way opportunity)
  • In-depth and reflective analysis of diversity, inclusion, equity, and implicit bias trainings (connections to VCU'sDiversity training network)
  • Engaging community based learning experiences (connections to local school/community networks)
  • Professional growth opportunities focused on implicit bias and culturally responsive teaching through critically reflective lens (monthly seminars focused on becoming an antiracist educator, customized to meet pre-service teachers' needs)
  • 2 years of post-graduation mentor/coaching support (virtual and face-to-face (non-evaluative) support)
  • $1,000 scholarship to each student participant
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Qualifications and Application

  • Applicants must be a VCU School of Education student enrolled in a program leading to teacher licensure
  • Applicants must be within two years of completing all course requirements for degree completion

Click here to apply for the Innovative Teacher Program. Applications will be reveiwed on a rolling basis until September 30, 2021. Early submissions are strongly encouraged.

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