Options & Rates

We offer monthly and short-term parking options for employees on our Monroe Park and MCV campuses. Each parking option varies by space availability and is sold on a first come, first served basis. For questions regarding selecting a parking option, feel free to contact us at parking@vcu.edu or (804)828-PARK (7255).

Short-term/temporary parking

COVID-19 UPDATE: Beginning on July 25, 2020, VCU payroll deductions and payment for prepaid permits will resume for employee subscribers. The first deduction will be seen in the August 14 paycheck. Expiration dates for prepaid permits were extended by the length of time for which subscribers may have paid, as of March 31, 2020. Prepaying subscribers can view the new expiration date for your permit by accessing the parking portal at https://vcu.t2hosted.com/Account/Portal. For questions, email parking@vcu.edu.

If you are a VCU Health System employee, email parking@vcu.edu for parking availability; or, you can purchase a permit online. Additional information can be found on the "VCUHS parking" page. 

Single-use daily permit

Starting August 14, employees who do not currently hold a VCU parking subscription can purchase a discounted single-use daily permit. Permits are valid for up to 24 hours per day in designated parking facilities on the Monroe Park and MCV Campuses at the cost of $8 per day and may be purchased in advance and used when needed.

*Note: Daily permits are only available to VCU and VCU Health System employees and are non-refundable. Students or visitors found in possession of a daily permit may be subject to a $300 penalty.

*In/out privileges are not applicable for single-use daily permits.

*Permits are only valid on the campus for which the permit is purchased.

Two-week temporary permit

Daily/hourly parking

Monthly subscriptions

Learn how to purchase a monthly subscription

FY2020-21 Employee Parking Subscription Rates

Note: Parking rates for FY2020-21 changed, effective July 1, 2020. View the Approved 2020-21 Parking Rates.  

Monroe Park Campus Facilities (Standard Faculty/Staff)$84.00 per month
MCV Campus (Standard Faculty/Staff)$84.00 per month
Leased Decks (Coliseum, H, K, RTD, W)$84.00 per month
D Deck$107.00 per month
Off-Campus Lots (A, I & R Lots)$58.00 per month
Adjunct Faculty$212.00 per 5 month semester
Evening Permit$58.00 per month
Part-time F/S *$41.00 per month




* Please note, while a permit does guarantee subscribers a parking space in one of our facilities, VCU Parking and Transportation reserves the right to  relocate vehicles to alternate facilities as required for emergencies, construction, access, special event parking, and/or safety concerns.

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