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Welcome to our website! We hope that you will take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with the Partnership for People with Disabilities and return often for updates on the many products and services that we offer to the disability community – individuals, families, professionals, and students.

More than 50 million Americans currently live with some form of disability. In Virginia, this means that one of every five citizens will have a disability or know someone who does. Hence, our challenge is clear. The goal of the Partnership is to further the ability of individuals with disabilities to be fully included in their communities.

We are grateful to our staff, partners, and funders for their tremendous support of the Partnership's efforts on behalf of individuals with disabilities and their families.Executive Director Parthy Dinora [View Image] Sincerely,
Parthy Dinora, PH. D., Executive Director

Our Mission

To partner with stakeholders in the intellectual and developmental disability community and faculty and staff throughout Virginia Commonwealth University to provide culturally competent and engaged research, education, direct services, and information sharing to ensure people with disabilities and their families can live, learn, work and play together as a part of their community.


Education and Training Opportunities

The Partnership provides many training, learning opportunities, and events for people with disabilities and their families, as well as training opportunities for undergraduate and post-graduate students in a wide range of disciplines. The links below will provide additional information in these different areas.

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