2020 Alumni Newsletter

Housestaff Kudos Corner

Our housestaff are making fantastic strides in their training and professional development.

Here are some of the awesome things that have been accomplished over this academic year:

Graduates and Where are they Headed:

Dr. Ding (Diana) Dai (Private Practice)
Dr. Paulo Garcia (Cytopathology– VCUH, GI Pathology fellowship – Univ. of Pittsburgh Med. Center)
Dr. Matthew Gayhart (MGP Fellowship - Cedars-Sinai, Clinical Informatics Fellowship - Massachusetts General Hospital)
Dr. Suhua Han (Private Practice)
Dr. Chelsea Kidd (Hematopathology Fellowship - University of Utah);
Dr. Jeremiah Karrs (Hematopathology – NIH)
Dr. Liu Liu (Private Practice)
Dr. Patrick Memari (Cytopathology – VCUH)
Dr. Makinzie Mott (Forensic Pathology – University of Louisville)
Dr. Sara Mustafa (Private Practice)
Dr. Irene Shyu (GI Pathology – U. of Wash)
Dr. Chen Yang (Clinical Assistant Professor - University of Michigan)

2019-2020 Honorees and Award Recipients:

Dr. Lorraine Colón Cartagena – David S. Wilkinson Award for Professionalism and Service, Ema Dragoescu Surgical Pathology Award
Dr. Matthew Gayhart – Resident Research
Dr. Enrique Gerszten - Saul Kay Faculty Award
Dr. Patrick Memari – Chief Resident Award
Dr. Makinzie Mott – Chief Resident Award
Dr. Daniel Neal - Celeste N. Powers Award for Excellence in Cytopathology
Dr. Jason Reardon - Enrique Gerszten And Charles “Buck” Moncure Autopsy Award
Dr. Irene Shyu - Fergus O’M Shiel Teaching Award
Dr. Patricija Zot - Fergus O’M Shiel Teaching Award, Clinical Pathology Service Award, and David S. Wilkinson Award for Professionalism and Service Award


Trainee Publications:

We are exceptionally proud of our housestaff and their continuing contribution to our specialty by way of their publications, abstracts, and presentations. Please take a few moments to visit our housestaff publications page in order to learn more about what our housestaff have been up to using the following link: Housestaff Publications


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