Pathologists share their vaccine experience and expertise

Associate Director of Clinical Microbiology, Dr. Alexandra Bryson said “The data shows this vaccine is safe and effective. I would be much more concerned about the consequences of getting COVID-19.”

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COVID Q&A: Jill Ransone.
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COVID Q&A: Jill Ransone

Safety, Compliance, Education & POCT Manager

COVID Q&A: Tina Anderson.
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COVID Q&A: Tina Anderson

Safety, Education, Compliance Coordinator

COVID Q&A: Rita Johnson.
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COVID Q&A: Rita Johnson

Pathology Support Services Manager (Outreach, Clinical Trials, Courier, Phlebotomy)

VIDEO: Testing for COVID-19

See a sketched visual animation by Dr. Marie Do.Watch video

VIDEO: Testing for COVID-19 [View Image]
Testing for COVID-19
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