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CPRS Request Form

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Successful implementation of research protocols is dependent on involving the Department of Pathology early in the planning process.  We assist researchers needing use of our facilities, technology and/or professional expertise.  The CPRS coordinator will provide logistical planning and protocol set-up for all your clinical pathology services.

Getting Started:

  1. Submit a Request for VCU Health System Clinical, Nursing, and Ancillary Support Form. To access the ancillary request form, please visit http://go.vcu.edu/ancillaryrequest.

    • For laboratory services, select "Pathology and Anatomic Pathology" from the list of Ancillary Services.
    • Remember to upload the Trial Protocol, Laboratory Specimen Processing Manual (if applicable) and WIRB/IRB Approval (if available).

  2. A Pricing Proposal will be sent to you via e-mail or fax. 

    • The Principal Investigator (or his designee) should sign and return the Pricing Proposal to the CPRS Coordinator.

  3. Customized laboratory requisitions will be generated for each research/clinical trial account.  Specific registration, billing and testing information will be listed on the requisition.  

  4. All research samples submitted to the clinical laboratory for testing and/or processing must be accompanied by a laboratory requisition.

  5. If the research protocol involves specialized specimen processing and shipping to a central laboratory, contact the CPRS coordinator to schedule the delivery of study materials, shipping boxes, air bills, etc. to the clinical laboratory prior to study initiation.

  6. Notify the  as soon as possible before recruitment begins for each protocol.
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