Lauretta Cathers [View Image]

Lauretta Cathers, PhD

Program Director, BSHS and PhD in Health Related Sciences

Assistant Professor

Phone: 804-827-0912

Email: s2lasaff@vcu.edu

reynolds [View Image]

Dr. Stacey Reynolds

Associate Professor

Occupational Therapy

Phone: 828-2288

Email: reynoldsse3@vcu.edu

A headshot of Sarah Marrs [View Image]

Sarah Marrs PhD

Adjunct Faculty

Email: marrssa@vcu.edu

picture of Jeff Lodge [View Image]

Jeff Lodge

Director of Information Technology and Facilities

Phone: 804-828-2114

Email: jrlodge@vcu.edu

Picture of Michael Forder for headshot [View Image]

Michael Forder, MEd

Director of E-Learning

Phone: 804-828-6726

Email: mjforder@vcu.edu

[View Image]

Lauren Mortensen

Senior Program Specialist

Phone: 804-628-5298

Email: lcmortensen@vcu.edu