3 creditsALHP 701Health Services Delivery Systems
3 creditsALHP 712Curriculum and Communication Design for Health Care Professionals
3 creditsALHP 760Biostatistical Methods for Health Related Sciences
3 creditsALHP 702Finance and Economic Theory for Health Care
3 creditsALHP 761Health Related Sciences Research Design
3 creditsALHP 762Multivariate Statistical Methods for HRS Research
3 creditsALHP 718Health Informatics
3 creditsALHP 763Clinical Outcomes Evaluation for HRS
3 creditsALHP 781Doctoral Seminar in Health Related Sciences

Methods Comprehensive Exam

3 creditsALHP 708Ethics and Health Care
3 creditsALHP 716Grant Writing and Project Management in HRS
3 creditsALHP 890Dissertation Seminar

Core Comprehensive Exam

1-6 credits (3 required)ALHP 792Independent Study
3 creditsALHP 793Research Practicum
9 total credits required for degreeALHP 899Dissertation Research
ALHP 899Dissertation Research
ALHP 899Dissertation Research
ALHP 899Dissertation Research

51 total required credits