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College of Humanities & Sciences

Department of Philosophy

Admissions Information

The Department offers an undergraduate Major in Philosophy with a choice of four concentrations:

In addition, it offers a Minor in Philosophy and a Minor in Philosophy of Law. All of the required courses place a heavy emphasis on developing students' abilities to think, read, and write critically. While some of our majors go on to become university philosophy professors, most go on to careers in such areas as law, medicine, business, government, teaching, and public service.

For more information about applying to VCU, visit the Admissions Office website, or call 804-828-1222 Once admitted to the university, there are no specific admission requirements for these programs. Students need only complete a Change of Major/Concentration form obtainable from Records and Registration. For information about transferring credits from other institutions, visit the VCU Transfer Center website, or call 804-827-1349.

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