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College of Humanities & Sciences

Department of Physics

Overrides FAQs

Does the Department give size overrides into full courses?

The Department does NOT give size overrides into physics courses. However during registration, we often open up more seats during registration, so you should keep checking eServices to see if a seat opens up.

Who should I see about getting an override into a physics course?

In the Physics Department, overrides are granted only by the Student Administration Coordinator, in the Department Office (701 W. Grace St. Rm 2401).  Course instructors are NOT authorized to grant overrides.  In special situations, such as signing up for a schedule conflict, the coordinator may ask that you get the instructor’s permission.

I would like to sign up for a course but I do not have all of the prerequisites.  Can I get a prerequisite override?

No.  The prerequisites are there for your protection and to ensure that our courses are taught at the correct level.

I have actually satisfied the prerequisites for a course but the prerequisite check will not let me register.  What should I do?

Bring an unofficial copy of your transcripts showing the prerequisite courses taken at VCU and elsewhere to the Department Office to obtain a pre-requisite override.  If you have satisfied a pre-requisite by placement, bring your placement scores.

If the problem is occurring because a course taken elsewhere does not show on your VCU transcript, send an OFFICIAL copy of your transcript showing that course to the Transfer Center (Hibbs Room 224) so the course can be added to your VCU transcript.

I want to register for a course, but it is closed because the section has reached its maximum enrollment. Can I get onto a wait list for the course and, if so, how?

The Department does not maintain wait lists for any physics courses.  Enrollments do fluctuate during the add/drop period and we often add seats, so you should keep checking eServices to see if a seat opens up in a particular course.

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