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College of Humanities & Sciences

Department of Physics

Transferring FAQs

How many credit hours am I allowed to transfer into VCU from another institution?

According to the Undergraduate Bulletin, you may transfer a maximum of 64 semester hours of credit from two-year institutions and up to 90 credit hours from 4-year colleges and universities. University policy requires Degree candidates to complete at least 25 percent of the credit semester hours required for their bachelor’s degree program at VCU, including at least 30 of the last 45 credits. During a student’s last 45 credits at VCU, transfer credits attempted elsewhere must be approved in advance by the appropriate school dean, department chair or program head via the “Request to Take Courses at Another Institution” form, available online on the Records and Registration website.

What are the physics course equivalents for the Virginia Community College system?

Please see the Course Equivalency tables at the VCU Transfer Center website.

I took physics courses at another institution and not all of them are showing up correctly on my VCU transcript.  What should I do?

Fill out the Transfer Credit Inquiry Form. This form can be obtained from your advisor, or from the Transfer Center located in Hibbs Room 224. Once you have completed the form, please return it to Hibbs Hall Room 224.

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