Educational Committees

The Department of Physiology and Biophysics regularly evaluates all departmental courses. At the conclusion of each course offering, a committee is formed to evaluate the course’s objectives, content, delivery, rigor, and effectiveness. The review committee makes recommendations to the Chair and the faculty for final approval and implementation. In this way, the Department of Physiology and Biophysics ensures that its course offerings are of highest quality and appropriate rigor.

Teaching Leadership Committee (TLC)

The TLC is the oversight committee for the teaching mission of the department. The membership is comprised of the current course directors.

The TLC also oversees, plans, and evaluates all departmental courses. This is done via informal discussion of course status at TLC meetings, and also through a formal review process. The formal review of a course begins with the proposal of a course review committee by the Graduate Program Director and approval by TLC. The committee may include or consult faculty from outside the graduate program. Using a standard questionnaire and report form, the review committee gathers information from the course director (including written materials used, such as the syllabus and readings), other course faculty, and students. Ideally one or more members of the committee observe the course, as well. Based on this information, the review committee prepares a course summary report, describing the course’s strengths and weaknesses and proposed recommendations for change. The report is submitted to the TLC, which makes final recommendations to the Department Chair and Faculty, as described above.

Courses are reviewed in rotation. Ideally each course comes under review every three years.

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