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Chemical Senses
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Physiology and Biophysics currently concentrates on four areas of research: Molecular Biophysics (Structural/Computational Biology and Ion Channel Biophysics), Cardiovascular (Cardiac Ion Channels and Microcirculation), Gastrointestinal (Molecular/Cellular Biology of smooth muscle cells/enteric neurons and Whole Organ Reflexes, such as peristalsis and acid secretion), Chemical Senses (Taste and Smell), and Neuroscience (drug addiction, psychosis, sensory physiology, and consciousness).

Faculty Publications

Sample NIH grant applications and summary statements

May be instructive for you and your trainees.  Includes example R01, R03, R15, R21, R33, K01, K08, F31-diversity, SBIR (R43/R44) and STTR (R41/R42) applications and Summary Statementsexamples, as well as Biosketches and Senior/Key Person Profiles, Reference Letters, MPI Leadership Plans, Data Sharing Plans, Additional Performance Site Plans and more. 

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