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A division of the L. Douglas Wilder School of government and Public affairs

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VCU PMG office [View Image]
VCU PMG office [View Image]

PMG Professional Development and Performance Solutions

The Performance Management Group within the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University offers a range of organizational and professional development services to suit each individual agency's needs.   

Meet our Staff

PMG faculty, staff, and associates are senior-level practitioners with extensive background in the governmental, nonprofit, educational, health care, and private sectors. Our diverse staff is equipped with a wide array of specialized skills and experience that provide our clients with the high level of service and knowledge required for effective development programs and customized consulting packages.

JAMES M. BURKE headshot [View Image]

James M. Burke


Phone: (804) 828-1191 Email: View more
LINDA L. PIERCE headshot [View Image]

Linda L. Pierce

Associate Director

Phone: (804) 827-0482 Email: View more
Sherida Davis-Bryan headshot [View Image]

Sherida Davis-Bryan


Phone: (804) 827-1720 Email: View more
Wheeler Wood [View Image]

Wheeler Wood


Phone: (804) 828-8845 Email: View more
Gina Barber headshot [View Image]

Gina Barber

Consulting Associate

Phone: (804) 827-2081 Email: View more
Chloe Carter [View Image]

Chloe Carter

Associate Consultant

Phone: (804) 828-8845 Email: View more
Mike Foreman headshot [View Image]

Mike Foreman


Phone: (434) 270-4064 Email: View more
Mandy Fowler headshot [View Image]

Mandy Fowler

Business Development Liaison

Phone: (804) 827-1583 Email: View more
Sarah Delaney [View Image]

Sarah Delaney

Wilder Fellow

Email: View more
Diana Sardelis headshot [View Image]

Diana Sardelis

Coordinator, Leadership Training Programs and Assessments

Phone: (804) 827-3866 Email: View more
Debbie Taminger headshot [View Image]

Debbie Taminger

Administrative Specialist

Phone: (804) 828-7826 Email: View more
Trevor Granered headshot [View Image]

Trevor Granered

Administrative and Resource Assistant

Phone: (804) 828-8845 Email: View more

Contact us

  • Phone: (804) 828-8845
  • Fax: (804) 828-6923
  • Email:
  • 1014 West Franklin Street
    Box 843024
    Richmond, Virginia 23284-3024

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