Douglas Kimemia, Ph.D., named VCU Globe Faculty Fellow, Black History in the Making Award Recipient

February 28, 2019

kimemia [View Image]The Department of Political Science would like to congratulate our very own Douglas Kimemia, Ph.D., for being accepted as a VCU Globe Faculty Fellow through the university’s Global Education Office.

VCU Globe Faculty Fellows interact with VCU Globe staff and students as instructors of a VCU Globe seminar. These seminars are intended to develop students’ abilities to navigate cultural and personal borders, with particular reference to professional goals and plans; expose students to a wide range of individuals and groups of people, providing them direct and meaningful contact with worldviews and experiences different from their own; and foster awareness of the skills required of a global citizen within relevant professional fields.

Kimemia’s seminar will cover the Politics and Conflicts in Africa.

In addition to the Globe fellowship, Kimemia was named a recipient of VCU’s Black History in the Making Award for his initiative crafting a once-in-a-lifetime experiential learning study abroad course on African politics.

Black History in the Making winners from Political Science [View Image]Other recipients of the Black History in the Making Award from Political Science include the following students: Alicia D. Foster, Dalvida Palmer, Maximillien Sajous, Rahel Tecle, Tori Thompson and Tamia Wallace.

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