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The OAP is excited to offer virtual Escape Rooms for groups of up to 8 individuals (we can accommodate up to three groups simultaneously and serve up to 24 people). These virtual escape rooms are designed to help your team discover how to communicate and work creatively by using online communication. These virtual escape rooms last 1 hour in duration which includes 45 minutes of challenging activities and then 15 minutes of time to debrief the experience. These experiences are held on Zoom conference calls and will be facilitated by an OAP Staff member. Virtual Escape Rooms Available The Commute (Difficulty: Easy): San Francisco is famous for its cable cars. However, there are many other ways the people and visitors of San Francisco get around. Let's see if your team can explore all the transportation options within 45 minutes. Good Luck. Get Me Home If You Can (Difficulty: Moderate) Oh no! Your 1968 weekend adventure has turned to disaster. After spending a lovely 3 days in Oregon, you want nothing more than to be home... however, it seems that the airline has different plans. Dressed in your best garb, you embark on an adventure just to get yourself home. Can you get there while the happy vacation memories are still fresh? Haunted Park (Dificulty Moderate): You have entered the Park only to find that it is not just creepy but haunted as well. Once you step inside, the only way out is to work your way through the rides, graveyard, and other puzzles to get to the exit and breakout of the Haunted Park. Life (Difficulty Hard): In LIFE, groups will enter three separate rooms and must put their communication skills to the test in order to navigate a single life at the same time. Do you have the skills to succeed? Let’s find out? Fridge Frustration (Difficulty Hard): The office fridge: Despite its chilly air of innocence, this appliance can really get your blood boiling. The unspoken rule of the office fridge seems to be “let’s don’t talk about the fridge,” but just like that person who brings leftover salmon for lunch, we’re going to WORK TOGETHER to toss those rules like last week’s leftover lasagna.

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Virtual Escape Room 1 (Faculty) (Spring)
Spring 2021

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Virtual Escape Room 2 (Faculty) (Spring)
Spring 2021

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Virtual Escape Room 3 (Faculty) (Spring)
Spring 2021

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