Introducing the 2021-22 Faculty Fellows

The 2021-22 Faculty Fellows will work directly with senior leaders in developing and implementing key programmatic initiatives to support VCU’s faculty.

The VCU Office of the Provost is pleased to introduce the 2021-22 Faculty Fellows, new and continuing. Faculty Fellows were selected from a pool of qualified applicants and will work with senior leaders in developing and implementing programmatic initiatives to support VCU faculty.

Bryant Pugh, Faculty Fellow for Faculty Affairs, will work with administration and faculty leadership to support adjunct faculty with mentoring, faculty development and other strategic projects as assigned. Sharon Zumbrunn, Ph.D., continuing Faculty Fellow for the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, will continue to support writing productivity through programming offered to faculty. Jennifer Joy-Gaba, Ph.D., will promote and evaluate best teaching practices.

Meet each fellow below and learn more about their fellowship goals for the academic year. Learn more about the Faculty Fellows Program here.

Meet the Fellows

Bryant Pugh headshot [View Image]Bryant Pugh

Adjunct instructor, Business Essentials, School of Business

"As a Faculty Fellow for Faculty Affairs, I intend to dedicate my time to finding and creating pathways to success for adjunct faculty at VCU. I want the voices and ideas of the adjunct population to be realized. Utilizing my expertise and research in oral and interpersonal communication, I will make it a point to create and facilitate inclusive opportunities for adjunct faculty to feel empowered. I look forward to reaching out and serving the adjunct population at VCU."

Sharon Zumbrunn VCU [View Image]Sharon Zumbrunn, Ph.D.

Associate professor, Foundations of Education, School of Education

"As a Faculty Fellow for the second year, I'm excited to continue working with the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence. I look forward to supporting the VCU community through instructional workshops and retreats related to writing productivity and success."

Joy Gaba VCU [View Image]

Jennifer Joy-Gaba, Ph.D.

Teaching associate professor, Department of Psychology, College of Humanities and Sciences

"As a faculty fellow, I am excited to support my fellow colleagues in order to promote and evaluate best teaching practices for our students. I look forward to guiding faculty through this process, knowing that each individual may be facing a diverse set of challenges to achieve teaching success. I hope that participants in our program leave feeling empowered while also providing them with the tools necessary to increase student engagement and learning outcomes."





Article updated Sept. 7, 2021

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