Promotion and Tenure Task Force

NameVCU unitRank
Ywone Edwards-IngramUniversity CollegeAssistant Professor
Meghan Gough, Ph.D.Wilder SchoolAssociate Professor
David (Dave) Coogan, Ph.D.CHSAssociate Professor
Roy BrownVCU LibrariesAssociate Professor
E. Ayn Welleford, Ph.D.College of Health ProfessionsAssociate Professor
Saltanat (Salta) Liebert, Ph.D.Wilder SchoolAssociate Professor
Christine (Chris) Cynn, Ph.D.CHSAssociate Professor
Robin Hurst, Ed.D.School of EducationAssociate Professor
Jeff Murray, Ph.D.University CollegeAssociate Professor
Christiana LafazamiSchool of the ArtsAssociate Professor
Neno RussellSchool of the ArtsAssociate Professor
Nicholas GarciaSchool of EducationDoctoral Intern
Jake KhouryUniversity CollegeInstructor
Glen Kellogg, Ph.D.School of PharmacyProfessor
Kevin Allison, Ph.D.CHSProfessor
Richard Hammack, Ph.D.CHSProfessor
Henry Rozycki, M.D.School of MedicineProfessor
Sarah Kye Price, Ph.D.School of Social WorkProfessor
Michael (Pete) Peters, Ph.D.College of EngineeringProfessor
T. Ashton Cropp, Ph.D.CHSProfessor
Karen Kester, Ph.D.CHSProfessor
Linda Zyzniewski, Ph.D.CHSProfessor
Kathy Rudasill, Ph.D.School of EducationProfessor
Melissa Johnson, Ph.D.University CollegeProfessor
Pamela Knapp, Ph.D.School of MedicineProfessor
Curtis (Curt) Sessler, M.D.School of MedicineProfessor
Richard Sterling, M.D.School of MedicineProfessor
Jill Gordon, Ph.D.Wilder SchoolProfessor
Elizabeth (Betsy) Ripley, M.D.School of MedicineProfessor
Gypsy Denzine, Ph.D.Office of the ProvostProfessor
Cherif Amor, Ph.D.VCUarts Qatar---
Leslie Stratton, Ph.D.School of BusinessProfessor

Term Faculty Task Force

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Comments and requests

If there are particular issues or topics you would like the Promotion and Tenure Task Force to consider, please let us know by using the form below. Please submit all requests by March 1, 2021.

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