Research Partners

Dr Pandurangi [View Image]Research is the answer -- if the question is, "What is the intervention most likely to improve patient health while controlling global costs?" A moment's reflection about the impact of the Salk Polio vaccine brings this point home. Our research in schizophrenia, psychiatric genetics and epidemiology is world recognized, and we have great strength in children's and women's mental health disorders. Extensive work is ongoing in substance abuse disorders.

Our research takes place in many settings across the globe and rigorous attention is given to informed consent, subject protection and adherence to the highest in ethical standards. Research is only done with the full consent of the patient.

Our Research Partners

Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics

Institute for Drug and Alcohol Studies

Mid-Atlantic Twin Registry

Virginia Biotechnology Research Park

Center for Human-Animal Interaction

Mood Disorders Institute

Commonwealth Institute for Child and Family Studies

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