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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers revealed to common questions to help you better navigate registration @ VCU

Who is my adviser?

Psychology Undergraduate Advising, or "PSYUGRAD," serves all sophomores, juniors and seniors in the psychology major and is located at 806 W Franklin Street, Room 107. Advisors meet with students for appointments and walk-ins. Freshmen psychology majors are advised through University Academic Advising located at Hibbs 1st floor.

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When is the last day to withdraw with a grade of "W"?

The deadline to withdraw from any class is listed in each semester's VCU Academic Calendar (If you are using eServices, you need to withdraw by 11:59 p.m. that Friday). If you have a hold on your registration, you may withdraw in-person at the Student Services Center located at Harris Hall on the 1st floor (by 4:30 p.m. that Friday).

We always recommend that you talk with your instructor prior to withdrawing from a course. Also if you are receiving financial aid and withdrawing from a course drops you below full-time status or violates a contract you signed with financial aid for a "satisfactory academic progress appeal," then you need to talk with your financial aid counselor about any possible ramifications. You may also want to make sure there are no ramifications with your health insurance if you fall below full-time status. Non-U.S. citizens and non-U.S. residents should talk with the Office of International Education's Immigration Services prior to withdrawing from a course(s).

Students who anticipate graduating this term and who are withdrawing from a course may want to confirm with their adviser that this will not change their timeline for graduation.

What is the importance of advising and learning solutions to commonly made mistakes?

Every semester we see some common graduation issues that can derail graduation plans. Please review the list below for some of the most common issues/mistakes. If you have questions, please talk with one of us in PSYUGRAD.

Mistake #1

  • Student has credit for STAT 208 and 210
  • Requirement- Students cannot receive credit toward the degree for both courses.

Mistake #2

  • Student has duplicate courses
  • Requirement- There are some exceptions to this – topics courses, PSYC 491, can be repeated if they have different topics, PSYC 494 and 492 can be repeated for credit (up to 6 credits each). However, the majority of courses only count once toward the degree. Only repeat courses once in which you received a "D" or an "F" and when you do, use the Historical Repeat Option form [PDF]. (If you have difficulty accessing this PDF, please contact If you have to repeat a course more than once, remember not to count it toward your total credits.

Mistake #3

  • Student has fewer than 45 upper level credits
  • Requirement- Out of the 120 credits required for the degree, 45 credits must be junior and senior level (300-400).

Mistake #4

  • Student has fewer than 120 total credits
  • Requirement-120 credits are required for the degree.

Mistake #5

  • Student did not take the appropriate general education
  • Requirement- General Education requirements are listed on Degree Works and in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Mistake #6

  • Student did not complete the collateral requirements for Psychology
  • Requirement- Psychology majors are required to complete BIOL 101 and BIOZ 101* laboratory and an additional BIOL course (BIOL 201 or 103). (*Students who took BIOL 101 for 4 credits in the Spring 2009 semester only took a combined lecture/laboratory course and do not need BIOZ 101).

When can I register for classes?

Students are allowed to register based upon the number of credits they have currently accumulated (do not include your in-process credits).

We strongly recommend that you register as soon as you are eligible. The Department has set most courses to capacity and will not be issuing overrides. This means that you need to take care of any holds prior to your registration date.

We recommend that students take time to visit the PSYUGRAD Advising center prior to registering for classes.

Why do I need to register for PSYC Core Courses?

Psychology Core Courses: PSYC 101→ (STAT 210)→ PSYC 214→ PSYC 317, PSYC 451

  • PSYC 101 or its equivalent is the prerequisite for all Psychology courses and must be completed with a “C” or above prior to taking any other Psychology courses.
  • STAT 210, PSYC 214, and PSYC 317 must be taken sequentially.  It is important that STAT 210 is successfully completed before moving onto PSYC 214, since STAT 210 contributes to the foundational work needed to succeed in PSYC 214. Likewise, it is important that PSYC 214 is successfully completed before moving onto PSYC 317, since PSYC 214 contributes to the foundational work needed to succeed in PSYC 317. These courses cannot be taken concurrently. You need to have successfully completed MATH 131 or higher or its equivalent with a “D” or better in order to take STAT 210.  You may register for STAT 210 if you are currently enrolled in or have completed MATH 131 with a “D” or above. 
  • In order to take PSYC 214, you need to have completed STAT 210 or its equivalent with a grade of “C” or better.  These courses cannot be taken concurrently.  You may register for PSYC 214 if have completed STAT 210 or its equivalent with a “C” or above. 
  • In order to take PSYC 317, you need to have completed PSYC 214 or its equivalent with a “C” or better.  These courses cannot be taken concurrently.  You may register for PSYC 317 if you have completed PSYC 214 or its equivalent with a “C” or above. 
  • PSYC 451, History and Systems of Psychology, is the capstone course in the major, and should be taken as a senior.  The Department restricts registration in this course to Psychology seniors.

What is the Department of Psychology's Override Policy?

Want to get involved in psychology research opportunities?

Every spring and fall semester PSYUGRAD Advising hosts a PSYC 492/493/494 Research fair that advertises the available independent study, research internship, and service learning fieldwork opportunities in our Department of Psychology. Representatives from various psychology research labs who are actively looking for research assistants (RAs) attend the event, and many PSYC major students obtain research internships for credit after attending. We encourage students to come dressed business casual, ready to network and bring a CV or Resume. Any additional research opportunities that become available after the event will be posted to the PSYUGRAD Blackboard page as an announcement and sent via email to students.

What is PSYUGRAD Blackboard?

"PSYUGRAD Undergraduate Advising" is a Blackboard organization exclusively designed for PSYC majors.  This online organization helps to create community within a major of 1600+ and provides a way for your advisers to communicate important messages to students about upcoming events, research and job opportunities, volunteer experiences, scholarship deadlines and so much more!

VCU Bulletin

"Students are responsible for knowing and fulfilling all general and specific degree requirements as described . . . (in the bulletin). It is the responsibility of all undergraduate students to be familiar with the Undergraduate Bulletin of record (the bulletin in effect at the time of official admission), as well as the academic regulations individual school and department publications and on program Web sites; however, in all cases, the academic regulations and general degree requirements, as published on this Undergraduate Bulletin Web site, take precedence over individual program policies and guidelines."

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