Our Team

picture of Marilyn Barnes [View Image]

Rev. Marilyn J. D. Barnes, MS, MA, MPH, BCC

Chair of Patient Counseling

Phone: 804-828-3578

Email: barnesmj5@vcu.edu

Headshot of Henry Amedeker [View Image]

Henry Amedeker, D.Min., M.Div., MS, BCC

Weekend FCC Team Leader

Phone: 804-628-6249

Joshua Andrejewski [View Image]

Joshua Andrzejewski, M.S., M.Div., BCC

Assistant Professor and Pediatric Chaplain

Phone: 828-1545

Email: andrzejewsjt@vcu.edu

A picture of Caitlyn Bailey [View Image]

Caitlyn Bailey, M.Div., M.S., BCC

Clinical Pastoral Education Manager for VCU Health

ACPE Certified Educator Chaplain Supervisor, VCU Health

Phone: 804-628-2451

Email: foxcc@vcu.edu

Jason Callahan webpage [View Image]

Jason S. Callahan, B.S., M.Div., M.S., BCC


Palliative Chaplain

Phone: 628-3254

Email: jcallahan@vcu.edu

Allison Delaney picture [View Image]

Allison DeLaney, MA, BCC, MPH, PT

Instructor and Pediatric/ Women's Health Chaplain

Phone: 828-4661

Angela Duncan picture for bio page [View Image]

Angela Duncan, PhD

Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Email: duncanas2@vcu.edu

A headshot of Ken Faulkner [View Image]

Ken Faulkner

Adjunct Faculty

aflack [View Image]

Angela Flack, M.Div.

Assistant Professor ACPE Certified Educator

M.S. Program Director

Phone: 628-3623

Email: aflack@vcu.edu

Headshot of Kevin Graham [View Image]

Rev. Kevin Graham M.Div., M.S., BCC

Chaplain Liaison, Children’s Hospital, VCU Health

Phone: 804-228-5854

[View Image]

Stephanie Hamilton, M.Div, BCC

Assistant Professor

Family Communication Coordinator (FCC) Team Leader

Phone: 828-0539

Email: slhamilt@vcu.edu

A headshot of Alma Hassell [View Image]

Alma Hassell, M.S., M.Div., BCC


Clinical Manager, VCUHS

Phone: 828-0537

Email: ahassell@vcu.edu

Picture of Clara Owens headshot [View Image]

REV. Clara M. Owens, M.DIV., M.S., BCC

FCC Staff Chaplain and Liaison, Pauley Heart Center

Email: clara.owens@vcuhealth.org

ltartaglia [View Image]

Alexander Tartaglia, D.Min

Professor Emeritus

Email: aftartag@vcu.edu

Brenda Brown Staff Photo [View Image]

Brenda Brown

Office Administrator

Phone: 828-0540

Email: brownbl@vcu.edu

Peggy Carnegie Smalls [View Image]

Peggy Carnegie Smalls

Executive Secretary

Department of Pastoral Care

A photo of Rich Catlett [View Image]

Rich Catlett

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Chaplain

ASK Childhood Cancer

Phone: 628-1123

Email: catlettr2@vcu.edu

A headshot of Marc Fields [View Image]

Marc Fields

Overnight Chaplain

Phone: 804-828-0928

Email: Marc.D.Fields@vcuhealth.org