About the plan

Planning process

Quest 2025's planning process is designed to include a wide range of VCU community members.

Gail Hackett, Ph.D. (VCU’s provost and vice president for academic affairs) and Marsha Rappley, M.D. (VCU vice president for health sciences, and VCU Health System chief executive officer) serve as the plan's co-chairs, and they are advised by a 49-person steering committee.

Each of the plan's five themes also has an individual work group - a separate 8- to 12-person team charged with shaping and identifying goals within its given theme.

In turn, these teams create task groups to further explore specific goals and develop pratical implementation plans.

The plan also includes a dedicated writing and communications team (made up of representatives from each work group) and a project management team to provide support to all areas of the plan.

Strategic plan team structure and roles [View Image]

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