Plan name

Quest 2025: Together We Transform

Together: Emphasizes one university and our collaborative efforts, both within VCU and the community
We: Shows each of us has a role to play
Transform: Our call to action; the impact we want to have

Choosing a name

Communications professionals in University Relations and the Office of the Provost considered feedback from town halls, meetings with stakeholders and other members of the VCU community, input from university leadership and the plan's key themes and goals in order to arrive at its new name: Quest 2025: Together We Transform.


As the name suggests, the new strategic plan follows and builds upon the current Quest for Distinction plan. Using "Quest 2025" continues Quest's significant brand equity and continuity, and shows VCU is building on Quest's momentum and progress.

The word "transform", meanwhile, illustrates exactly what VCU is trying to do - serve as a catalyst for change for our students, our patients, our city and our communities. And we are doing it together as one university, committed to excellence and access in a way that invites a variety of voices and perspectives to the table.

But the transformation works both ways. VCU doesn't just expect to be the agent of transformation - it expects to grow and be transformed by this plan as well. Hence the call to action of "together we transform."

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